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“How you show up in sex, reflects how you show up in life”

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Sex plays a significant role in determining who we are and how we feel about ourselves, so it can be a source of pain or pleasure.  Psychosexual therapy is focussed on shifting your experience to become one of pleasure and connection in a safe and non-judgmental space, to restore and build happiness and confidence and to regain the relationship and sexual connection you want.

Non-judgmental, safe space to feel comfortable to talk about sex

A satisfying sex life comes from a happy, relaxed, connected body and a peaceful mind.

I hold a safe and non-judgmental space for individuals and couples, both short and long term, to let them bring their uncomfortable experiences and those issues that cause frustration and tension and can make life painful and lonely. I use the conscious sexuality model, offering a trauma-informed approach to enable my clients to explore and expand their sexual self and strive towards a more contented sex life and better relationships..  Areas of focus may include:

I work as part of the NHS Trust as a volunteer counsellor. My work with cancer patients has taught me how important it is to address these issues early and not to wait for a life changing event to occur.

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Barbora is passionate and seasoned COSRT registered Psychosexual & Relationship Therapist in Brighton.
(The professional body for Psychosexual and Relationship Therapist) 

I provide a relational approach and, unlike some therapists, I make talking about sex something that feels comfortable, natural and safe. To help my clients to integrate it into their everyday life; to help them to feel happy and confident. 

Through my career I have specialised in counselling and therapy to help individuals and couples find space and resolution to both sexual and relational issues; with the view that these issues have roots in psychology, emotion, the physical body, and a person’s history and culture.

There is a complete absence of judgement.  I am here to help you to understand your situation, to work with what you struggle with, and to find a resolution and build the sexual life you want.



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