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Why are we having sex?

For lots of people, because of some past traumatic or bad previous experience, became sex something scary, difficult, hard work or kind of performance to achieve validation, a way how to get connection and often right way to feel normal. But truly that is not much to enjoy and feel. There is shame about not doing it, not having sex, not being sexy, and good enough for others. The shame of not feeling normal, because everybody else having great sex life, just not me, what a lonely frustrating place. Suppression and frustration that often slowly appears in everyday life. Some of us gradually learn to ignore our needs and desires and play down our sexual part. We become rather way too busy with many other things. 

I am the last person to judge, because I know that place, I was there myself before in my early adult life and I also know where I am now, loving my life, my body and enjoying ways to manifest my truth through what I can feel and enjoy.

That journey brought me to my Psychosexual therapy studies and I am here now to help those who are feeling frustrated, hopeless and unhappy. or who hardly even feel much anymore, have sense powerlessness in their life and they are longing to change it. Therapy is here for those who are ready to start the journey of healing and exploring who they really are and what they want and need. Maybe somebody took it from them in the past, by abusing their pure sexual energy, manipulating them and breaking trust. Or even they never been allowed to recognise their sexual self in their life, it simply did not exist when they grew up.  It is hard to feel lovable, sexual and happy when the world feels dangerous and unfriendly. 

Please be aware, it is never too late to slowly come back home, into your body, to yourself and get back your power, joy of life.