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Sexuality is self discovery journey

Sexuality, the essential part of you that wishes to be seen, heard and expressed

It is good to name it and be aware of, our sexuality is fluid, it is part of ourselves that keeps in ongoing development as well we are developing, changing, transforming our whole life. Life happens if we want or not. And in my opinion it is about me, if I decide to be conscious about that important part of myself and feel alive. For me there is a question, how do I live it, by it I mean my sexuality, in my life. How do we enjoy our life? Am I my own creator of my life or do I give that power to somebody else or even something else? And how much is my sexuality part of me, how it is integrated, expressed, felt, enjoyed?

Porn as new sex teacher?

Often in our society there are not many opportunities to learn and even integrate out sexuality, often we try to fit into the box and follow what we got to know that is right to do, what is expected, to follow models of roles. We are searching for information, family often doesn’t offer much support and these days more often young people find out that sexuality is what they see on oversaturated porn videos on the internet.

Sacred sexuality is my life style

Is there space for feelings and sensual experience in our life to understand who you are? Or do we just perform in our sex life? On my life journey I spend last 10 years to explore and cultivate my sexuality, with hunger and curiosity to understand who I am as woman and how can I express myself and enjoy what I feel. Follow the impulses of my body and my mind. My journey of create loving connection to myself and ways how I can share it with others. I would like to say that for me it is now life journey with no goals, it is about to find joy and  excitement in the process itself. Being client of therapy, finding my own ways and experiences and becoming Psychosexual Integrative therapist to offer others that invitation to explore and experience  of that sacred sexual self .

In my Psychosexual therapy practise I offer my clients to bring clarity about their individual sexuality. Help them to orient in their conflicts and understand their sexual values, life values. The only way is to be ready for the process of slowly opening and learning to know yourself from the point of feeling and connection to yourself. Somatic awareness that is part of my Psychosexual work where I offer you simple explorative exercises to do at home, or during our session. Bring back curiosity and playfulness into your life. That is the way I learned to love my life and my sexuality, feeling joy and everyday learning how to share it with my clients to empower them and support them.