Online psychosexual therapy

Online Psychosexual Therapy is an integrative form of therapy.  It helps to increase the awareness your feelings and to understand your behavioural patterns, beliefs and thinking, mainly around sex, sexuality and intimacy issues and relationships. 

Online sex therapy on ZOOM  

I provide the opportunity to connect online with my clients to offer support to stabilise, find resources and help to orient your life.  This in invaluable for those who are finding difficulties in relationships and in their sex life, or are struggling with sexual performance anxiety, porn addiction or sexual frustrations. 

If you decide to book your first online Psychosexual session, it is important that we use the first session to establish your goal to reach an issue to work with and undertake an assessment. Once we have achieved a foundation in your Personal Assessment session, we start your therapy process.

Each online therapy session lasts 60 minutes or I can offer a 90 minute slot, so we have enough time to slow down and help you to explore your personal topic and also have time for the integration. It is all up to you, in terms of how you feel and what you choose to explore with my help. I work individually to each client’s needs and wishes. 

Is this therapeutic approach for you? 

Ask yourself, how well do you feel, express and communicate your emotions, boundaries and desires especially in your relationships? We don’t learn any of these skills at school and if we are not lucky enough to be guided by our parents, it can make life much more difficult and more desperate.