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Psychosexual Somatics Therapy certified

Integrative Psychosexual Therapy trainee

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Hello! I’m Barbora

(DiS. social work, Psychoseuxal Somatics Therapy for individuals and couples)

After having worked as a Social Worker, I discovered that being felt is more important than being taught through words only, in fact a large part of learning and self-realisation can be achieved through conscious touch itself. After this realisation, I went through a journey of sexual awakening. With initial interests leading me to study Sexology, Tantra, conscious sexuality and different ways of Somatic therapy.  I decided to study more therapy work and I eded with Psychosexual Somatic Therapy (PST). I found this therapy approach effective and helpful for people who suffer of trauma and suppression of sexual energy, to re-connect with life force and bring awareness and embodiment. This combination is new aproach in therapy. Bring mind and body to conscious integration. So there is no internal conflict.

After working with Conscious Sexuality and Tantra for over 7 years, helping people to re-connect to their bodies and sexual energy I realised it is even more powerful to work with sexuality in therapy work to help people to express and talk about what they took as taboo, hold safe and non-judgemental space to help them integrate thier truth sexual self.

I have insurance and certification in Psychosexual Somatics therapy for individuals and for couples and I am trainee in a Integrative Psychosexual Therapy

If you have any questions on me, I look forward to hear from you.

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