The therapy studio is based in Brighton, Preston Park, 5 mins walk from train station.

I do offer Psychosexual therapy, counselling face to face (2 meters distance in therapy room) in Brighton or Online on Zoom. 

Price is £60 per hour (60mins) of session and each Psychosexual session takes min 60 up til 90 mins. 

The first session is always your personal assessment and contracting, lasting 1 or 1,5 hours. It is important start your therapeutic process with assessment. We focus on your history to I help you to orient and develop an insight into your behaviour patterns in your sexual-life history and how these limiting patterns affect your present situation. We will establish your expected outcome, what would you like to achieve, based on your chosen purpose of your therapeutic work.

Once we have achieved a foundation in your Personal Assessment session to make your therapy plan we continue your individual therapy process due to your needs and goals.

Please feel free to e-mail me as well, if you have any questions: or call me +447704903787 


If you are interested to book a session please read my PST CONTRACT that may help you to understand conditions.




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