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Feeling yourself

I think or I feel?

This is Somatics therapy, that means body oriented therapy, so while we talk during your sessions I am also inviting you to feel yourself through your body. To teach you somatic integration. We think and in same time we feel. Unfortunately feeling and connection with our body is in our society bit neglected. We choose to think more than to feel. “Sex whole body experience” I have said it before and I will mention it many times in my text, in my work and in my life. It is kind of my mantra.

Before you start to think about your issues, anxieties or concerns within your sexual life, I would like you to stop for a moment and take  few deep breaths and ask yourself some key questions.

How easy or hard is it for me to breath into the body? What sensation do I feel and in witch part of my body?

How do I feel within my own body?  What kind of sensation is there?

Sexual health

It is important to understand, our sexual life very much depends on the way how we involve and ability to enjoy intimacy through yourself, through your body. Do we feel pleasure and if, how do we enjoy it?

These questions help us to understand ourselves, starting the journey of integrating our sexuality, finding out what do you like and enjoy with your partner, with yourself. It is important to take care of our sexual health.

If you are interested to understand more, please read other articles on my blog and write me if you are interested to book your session with me.