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Sex therapy Journal

Journal, good healing tool in your therapeutic process

To write your journal can help you to define your own reality and bring you need for self-expression. It is your resource that you decide about, it is almost always available for you. Please give yourself permission to listen to your inner self and externalise it on paper.

Important rules to write your Journal

Write 4 times a week no need for everyday. Don’t write longer than 20mins in row. The intention is to express yourself, not to get overwhelmed. Stop writing immediately when it starts to feel uncomfortable. Ask your therapist if you have any questions or need help.  Forget everything you have been told about writing, Write without stoping, it is your inner chat with yourself. If you feel it is silly or you cannot write more, write it down and explore what is going on for you. There is nothing to do right as you cannot do it wrong. 

Why Journal as therapy tool?

It is cheap and portable. A journal can help you figure out how you feel, what you think and what need was you wan to stay, you want to handle a situation, just by writing it through. You can sit with your words and feel in to your body, what is going on for you? Are there emotions? Is it uncomfortable or actually it feels releasing? Can you stay in your sensation? Bring that experience in to your therapy work. This can be your wonderful resource and companion on your journey.  It is not about to be great writer, you don’t need to concern about your grammar, use the words you feel right, sentences that feels truth to you.  That is art of your Journal. It is your private way to stepping to self expression. You can share it – read it laud for yourself or to somebody you trust and feel safe with. Ask them what you need, ask questions, or just listen quietly.

Why is Journal really good in Psychosexual therapy?

For most people, talking about sex and sexual life hardly something they do, to talk about it laud with somebody. We hardly think about it. There is a lots of repression in our society to openly talk about how we feel about our sexuality, how we feel in our sex life. To sit down and start to wonder and explore between yourself and piece of paper is safe, and in same time, deep way to bring more consciousness, orientation and understanding to yourself. And you are sure you will not be exposed to judgement of others. Why not to at least give a chance?

Bring your body experience

Feelings and emotions are more than welcome as long you feel safe and you can tolerate it. I would like to ask you to be aware of your body and of your breathing during your journaling and after you finish it. Do you notice any difference before and after your journaling in your body? How does it feel for you? Can you bring that on the paper as well?

That is when you are bringing into journaling also your body and sensations. You are sharing your thoughts and believes, but I would like to encourage you to share also your sensations and feelings.

In every moment you can slow down or stop the writing and take a deep breath, observe, listen to yourself. Use breath to release tension that you may feel and experience. Take a break for a moment please and give yourself hug or self touch on your shoulders, belly, chest, jaw, hips.. what ever part of your body you feel that relevant.

You do a great job and you are on your journey to gain back your life. It is for me an honour, to be therapist for my clients who dare to go through their process and help them and support them. I hope you find my invitation to the resources helpful.

Sincerely Barbora