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Sex and Therapy

How can Sex Therapy help me and why exactly Psychosexual Therapy?

Sex therapy and specific psychosexual counselling that helps people with sexual issues and problems is new in our society. Sexuality seems to be still a taboo and still confusing for lots of people especially in relationships. I call psychosexual therapy often more as a shame therapy. There is still so much shame about having sexual needs, desires and achievement of pleasure.

Integration of sexuality

My role as therapist in Psychosexual therapy is partly about teaching psycho-sexual education and holding safe and non-judgmental space for my clients to share, explore and integrate, but my main intention is to help people bring more connection to the body and curiosity about their behaviours, impulses, so they can start to feel and respect their feelings and desires, express it and live more happy life.

Find who you are behind all layers of shame and performance, we all have got from our surroundings during our life, especially childhood and puberty. Who gives you permission to feel pleasure and joy in your life?

Who you are, what do you feel and what do you need and want in your life? And how od you feel yourself as woman or man? Do you know what is pleasure and how can you enjoy it and share it?