Why are we having sex?

For lots of people, because of some past traumatic or bad previous experience, became sex something scary, difficult, hard work or kind of performance to achieve verification, a way how to get connection and often right way to feel normal. But truly that  is not much to enjoy and feel. There is shame about not […]

Sexual performance anxiety

Sexual performance anxiety and quality of sexual life after Lockdown Do you feel having sex is hard work, difficult, complicated?  Did this feeling appear during or even after Lockdown or is it familiar to you already for some time?  Where is the pleasure and joy in your sexual life, is it increasing or is it […]

Sexuality is self discovery journey

Sexuality, the part of you that wishes to be seen, heard and expressed It is good to name it and be aware of, our sexuality is fluid, it is part of ourselves that keeps in ongoing development as well we are developing, changing, transforming our whole life. Life happens if we want or not. And in my […]

Sex and Therapy

How can Sex Therapy help me and why exactly Psychosexual Therapy? Sex therapy and specific psychosexual counselling that helps people with sexual issues and problems is new in our society. Sexuality seems to be still a taboo and still confusing for lots of people especially in relationships. I call psychosexual therapy often more as a […]

Anger needs to be expressed

Anger, can be good servant if we know how express it Anger has been for long time understood as something toxic, something disturbing that we need to eliminate, a stage to work through and most of us are use to experience the suppressed anger. Maybe you know feelings of frustration, worthlessness and sensation of the tension in […]

Sex therapy Journal

Journal, good healing tool in your therapeutic process To write your journal can help you to define your own reality and bring you need for self-expression. It is your resource that you decide about, it is almost always available for you. Please give yourself permission to listen to your inner self and externalise it on paper. […]