What is Psychosexual Somatics Therapy



Psychosexual Somatics Therapy (PST) is a form of integrative therapy that specialise on sex and intimacy, to help people resolve their emotional and physical problems around sex, sexuality, sexual trauma, intimacy issues and relationships.

I believe the sex is whole body experience and in Psychosexual therapy it is important to bring awareness of your body experience in to the therapy work. It can include Mindfulness, breathing techniques, psychodrama. 

You will lear how to embody your needs, boundaries, emotions and desires, gain more understanding  of who you are as sexual woman, man, so you can make right choices to create fulfilling and healthy relationships, feel safer and more joyful in your life. 

In my Psychosexual Somatics therapy I offer invitation to clients to slowly bring their stories and believe systems they got from society, family and system during their life. Often what we have been told in childhood became our truth. My intention in your therapy process is slowly and gently help you to feel your own truth, especially about your sexuality and sex. Your truth about what you feel, what you need and how do you express it. 

That is in my opinion most liberating and empowering way to slowly became your own healer and therapist in your life. I wish my clients can leave my therapy room because they feel they don’t need me anymore. 

Is Psychosexual Somatics Therapy for you?

Ask yourself, how good are you to feel, express and communicate your emotions, boundaries and desires especially in your relationships? We don’t learn any of these skills at school and if we are not lucky to be thought by our parents, it makes life much more difficult and more desperate. I am helping people to be able to understand their patterns of behaviour, survival strategies and sensations in the body so they can express safely emotions and feel more in the body. Sexual life comes from happy relaxed body and peaceful mind.

If you decide to book your first session, it is important we use that first session to establish your goal to reach and issue to work with and do assemsent.

Once we have achieved a foundation in your Personal Assessment session, we meet to therapeutic sessions were is Somatic work and exercises involved, each session last between 2 and 3 hours. And it can take from 1 – 10 session to work with your chosen intention. It is all up to you and how you feel about the work.

What I offer

I offer my therapeutic space, skills and knowledge to them who are willing to:

  • want to talk about what is bothering and frustrating and learn new skills
  • are open to slowly connect and meet their emotions and get into touch with the body
  • want to bring curiosity about body, feelings and emotions

Empowerment and Permission

 I as your therapist I don’t work for you but with you, my intention is to empower you. Who gives you permision in our life? Where is your power dynamic?  I work with you as team, to help you understand the meaning and the unconscious messages of your symptoms, release tensions and help to you feel emotions you holding and teach you, how to integrate your power, to feel more joy and pleasure trhough your body and feel good about who you are. All that is connected to sexual and intimacy life, because how you show up in sex, reflects how you show up in the life.

Therapy that invites you to feel in your body while you are talking about what you think … what do I mean  and what can you expect?

  • Psychosexual Cognitive approach: talk about your sexual experience and history, enlighten your belief systems and behaviour patterns, hep you to feel and listen to your boundaries and needs
  • Sexological approach : relation to your genitals and sexuality, ability to speak about your sex life, discovering your family patterns in sex life, what is your understanding of our sexual role as woman/man.
  • Breathing and motion-emotion exercises: helping you gently to connect with your body, and understand what do you feel, meeting your blocks in your body and help you to release them
  • Visualisation and embodyment techniques  feel your adult and inner child characters, help you to step in to your awareness of feeling and sensing, guide you by my voice what to do to be able to dealt with your body reactions – empower you to be self-sustaining
  • Integration of all gained skill and informations from each session, plus getting some exercise to do home so you can continue to integrate and digest all you learned and felt during your therapeutic process to feel more comfortable and be able to express yourself

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