Psychosexual Somatics Therapy

For Individuals & Couples

In London, Elephant and Castle.

Psychosexual Somatics Therapy is a form of integrative therapy to help people resolve their emotional and physical problems around sex, sexuality, sexual trauma, intimacy issues and relationships.

In our therapy work you get understanding and control of your body signals and reaction and your behaviour patterns, your believes and of thinking. You get help to learn how to embody your needs, boundaries, emotions and desires, gain more understanding of who you are as sexual woman, man, so you can make right choices to create fulfilling and healthy relationships, feel safe and more joyful in your life. 

When you begin to connect with yourself at this deeper level, you learn about your body and coping strategies so you stop self-sabotaging yourself.

The intention of me as your therapist is: to hold safe and non-judmental space, to help you feel slowly and gently in to your body and start to feel yourself, finding resources in your life and teach you to stay with uncomfortable sensations and feelings, therapeutic procces help you to be able to dissolve your blocks and fears and integrate it, bring more joy and power.

Main issues I help my clients in Psychosexual Somatics Therapy:

Trauma, sexual abuse, feeling shame, anxiety, frustration

Absence of pleasure during sex or feeling pain or numb in genitals and body

Having problems in relationships, not be able to enjoy intimacy, porn addiction, self-asteem

Struggling with sexual life (loss of desire, erectile dysfunction, vaginismus, difficulty reaching orgasm, early ejaculation, delayed or absent ejaculation)

Feeling uncomfortable or confused with your sexuality and get help to orient and bring clarity to your athenitc self

Somatics awareness in talking  therapy

Psychosexual Cognitive approach: talk about your sexual experience and history, enlighten your belief systems and behaviour patterns, help you to feel and understand to your boundaries needs, sexual desires, so you can express it in your everyday life.

Sexological approach : relation to your genitals and sexuality, ability to speak about your sex life, discovering your patterns in sex life, what is your understanding of our sexual role as woman/man.

Breathing and motion-emotion exercises: helping you to gently connect with your body, you learn how to down regulate your nerve system and understand what do you feel, meeting your blocks in your body and help you to release them

Visualisation and embodyment techniques  feel your adult and inner child characters, help you to step in to your awareness of feeling and sensing, guide you by my voice what to do to be able to dealt with your body reactions – empower you to be self-sustaining

Integration of all your gained skill and informations from each session, plus getting some exercise to do home so you can continue to integrate and digest all you learned and felt during your work.

Once we have achieved a foundation in your Personal Assessment session, we meet to therapeutic sessions were Somatic work and exercises are involved. Each session last between 1 -2 hours,  it can take from 1 – 10 sessions to work with your chosen positive outcome. It is all about your proccess and your choice.

I offer my therapeutic space, skills and knowledge to them who understand it is personal proccess that take time and you will be asked to work on yourself. 

  • want to talk about what is bothering and frustrating and learn new skills and do some homeworks excercise during our sessions
  • are willing to bring curiosity about body, feelings and emotions to explore their authentic self
  • are open to slowly safely connect and meet their emotions and get into touch with the body
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